Can Husbands Help with Housework?


Jeff Campbell, America’s Home Cleaning Expert, has a way to get husbands and wives working together on the housework. It’s called, “Speed Cleaning.” Speed Cleaning is a systematic, step-by-step approach developed by Campbell that he says increases efficiency and therefore saves bundles of housecleaning time. That approach combined with a collection of cleaning products that he has researched and field tested over the years make up the Speed Cleaning System.

“Who has time for housecleaning anymore?” asks Campbell. “According to recent studies I’ve read, fully half of today’s labor force now lives in dual-earner families. That means that after working all day, and after daily commutes, ferrying the kids around, running errands, and going shopping, couples are faced with a very limited amount of time for keeping their homes civilized and clean — let alone relaxing and enjoying themselves.

“When you add the fact that, at least in “BL Times” (Before Liberation), housework was looked upon as “woman’s work,” it’s still hard to get husbands to participate. That makes it doubly hard for women to keep their homes clean. It’s time husbands did more than take out the garbage.”

Campbell says there are several reasons why Speed Cleaning makes household duties easier for husbands to participate in, but time is a big one. “When you reduce the time it takes to clean by increasing efficiency, you remove the historical roadblock of drudgery that made housecleaning so unappealing. Without the drudgery, it can almost be fun — and that, along with easy-to-follow instructions, makes it easier for husbands to join in. When you maximize Speed Cleaning with two people sharing the load, it gets faster and faster, less of a chore, and extra leisure time is the payoff.”

Campbell says many of his working couple customers work together at Speed Cleaning. “One couple in New Mexico wrote to tell us that they clean their home together on Sunday nights after the kids are in bed,” relates Campbell. “They say they split up the chores and seldom spend more than 30 or 40 minutes cleaning their entire two-story, 2300 square-foot home. They’ve made it into a kind of fun contest to see how fast they can get it done. Another couple I know does their cleaning Wednesday evenings in a similar amount of time so they don’t have any weekend cleaning duties to worry about.”

An important part of the Speed Cleaning system is a specially designed work apron that you use to carry cleaning supplies as you move through the house. This “tool belt”-like approach, states Campbell, is more acceptable even to somewhat liberated husbands who were previously uncomfortable with the distinctly feminine look of cooking and cleaning aprons of the past.

The Clean Team can also save couples time in another important way: shopping for household supplies. “Just by calling our toll-free number,” says Campbell, “you can skip an entire aisle in the grocery store and avoid lugging all those cleaning supplies home in the car.”

Almost two decades ago, Campbell left a comfortable corporate job to start his own residential cleaning service in San Francisco. During the next few years he developed the process and researched the tools that formed the Speed Cleaning system.

Today, Campbell is a nationally known expert on the art and science of home cleaning. His Clean Team has grown into a million-dollar enterprise that performs over 18,000 home cleanings a year. Campbell is the author of five books on the subject of cleaning, Speed Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Clutter Control, Talking Dirt!, and Good as New (Dell Publishing), and is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer on the topic. Currently, he can be seen featured on the HGTV series “Help at Home.”

Jeff Campbell’s Clean Team also provides time-saving cleaning products to homeowners and professionals across the country via a mail-order catalog that delivers homecleaning products to their doorsteps. The Clean Team catalog features the educational tools and cleaning products that make up the Speed Cleaning System. Anyone can learn about Speed Cleaning and Speed Cleaning products by calling 1-800-717-CLEAN.

“With less time spent on cleaning,” says Campbell, “couples can spend more time with each other and with their families — and, in these busy times, that¹s a refreshing, healthy, family idea that happens far too rarely.”

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