Cleaning Historical Landmarks The Clean Team Way

Homes aren’t the only places people are taking advantage of Jeff’s time-saving techniques and products. Bed and breakfast inns throughout the country have been enthusiastic supporters of Speed Cleaning for years. In fact, Jeff is a frequent guest speaker at this industry’s many gatherings and events.

Cleaning an historic landmark can be a bit tricky, especially when you’re working with a building that’s over 290 years old and much of what you’re cleaning is absolutely irreplaceable. That’s why Longfellow’s Wayside Inn, the oldest continuously running inn in America, trusts Clean Team tools, cleaners, and techniques for their housekeeping needs.

The inn, located in Sudbury, Massachusetts, has been immortalized in the writings of Longfellow and Thoreau, and is famous not only for the great men and women who have stayed there, but also for its old world beauty and charm. Be sure to visit

The staff watches the Speed Cleaning Video and reads Jeff’s books as part of their training. Innkeeper, Bob Purrington said using Clean Team products and techniques not only results in a better job, it saves time and money as well. The staff even seems to enjoy cleaning.

The inn’s beautiful antique, hand-made window panes are one area in particular that the staff needs to exercise great care when cleaning. Bob trusts this job to no other products or methods other than Speed Cleaning ones. He’s an especially big fan of our squeegee.

To vacuum the inn’s lovely, yet primitive floors, Bob purchased three new BIG VACs and rates them as “phenomenal.” In fact, staff member Buck Colaianni loved the BIG VACs so much, he purchased one for his wife.

Bob says the inn’s History Preservation Department is very particular about hazardous materials, and they too are big fans of safe Clean Team products.

Bob implemented the Speed Cleaning system at the Wayside Inn after years of managing a ski resort with over 1,200 condos and seven restaurants where he says he saved thousands of dollars employing Speed Cleaning housekeeping techniques.

Longfellow’s Wayside Inn is certainly an important part of American history. The Clean Team is proud to play a part in the care of such a valuable landmark.

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